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Welcome to the SNOW wiki!

You can start by navigating trough the wiki by using the navigation menu on the left or by searching a topic in the search bar in the upper right corner!

Feel free to add information that you think needs to be added to any of the pages!


Any suggestions for this wiki can be posted on the suggestions page, which you can find here. (E.g. request for a new page)

Or leave a message in the wiki channel on the SNOW discord. (this will be seen much earlier that using the suggestions page)

You can post your suggestions/ideas for the game here.

SNOW Preview

Information, common questions and answers regarding the SNOW preview can be found here.


If you want to be an administrator and you think you are responsible enough you can apply for administrator here.


If you want your SNOW screenshot or artwork to be featured here, feel free to leave a message on the suggestions page or in the wiki channel on discord.